Peripheral blood diagnosis (liquid biopsy), based on different genes and genetic products.

precision medicine

We use Artificial Intelligence to offer personalized therapeutic solutions to patients.


Development of innovative personalized therapies against cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

team confidence


Our consultants have extensive experience in business development, biotechnology, treatments, pharmacology, and biomarkers.


PlusVitech investors and shareholders include 3Fs, Business Angels and private investors.


All research is led by Dr. Vicente Salinas, MD - PhD


Artificial Intelligence in the service of precision medicine


A biotechnology company focused on innovative genes to cure and detect cancer

Doctors, scientists and patients have long required identifiable, non-invasive genetic markers of cancer to indicate the presence of the disease and innovative therapies that can achieve real clinical results.


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The company also has a collaboration framework with the Andalusian Health Service (SAS), through the Andalusian Public Progress and Health Foundation (FPS), and with the University of Salamanca to carry out Plus Vitech projects.

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