The company PLUS VITECH has been officially recognized as INNOVATIVE COMPANY by the Spanish Government and the Ministries of Economy and Competitiveness

In a resolution adopted on November 23, 2017, the Department for the Economy and Competitiveness has recognized PlusVitech as “Innovative SME” and “Intensive SME in R+D”, according to the article 6 of the Royal Decree 475/2014, of 13 June, on allowances in social security contributions for researchers.
The INNOVATIVE SME stamp was created to promote research, development and innovation in Spain and it is regulated by the Department for the Economy and Competitiveness, by virtue of Order ECC/1087/2015 of June 5. The creation of the stamp confirms the important role of small and medium enterprises in the economic development and growth, trying to promoting innovation as an integrated systematic activity within the Spanish economy, and aligning it with the European strategy that aims to establish links that enable the growth of SMEs committed to innovation.

This accolade objectively classifies an SME as an innovative company. It is based on the recommendations carried out by the European Commission in this area, notified on May 6, 2003, under the document number C(2003) 1422. A company must obtain a minimum score from a list of innovation indicators that are inspired by the European Commission Scoreboard.
In general, the following aspects are assessed on:
– skilled employability,
– funding sources,
– recognition and results of innovative activities, and others.
On this basis, PlusVitech has been objectively recognized for its innovative capacity.
At PlusVitech, we are greatly honored that the Department for the Economy and Competitiveness of the Spanish Government backs our efforts toward innovation and investment in Research and Development (R+D) with this recognition.


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