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Plus Vitech

We are a biotechnology startup founded in Seville, the result of research by Dr. Vicente Salinas MD - PhD, in improving cancer treatments.


Doctors, scientists and patients have long required identifiable, non-invasive cancer cancer markers to indicate the presence of the disease and innovative therapies that can achieve real clinical results.

Our first goal is to discover a more effective method of cancer detection, monitoring, and treatment compared to current tissue biopsy methods, which are painful, lengthy, expensive, and sometimes inaccurate.

The use of these diagnostic methods is required too late in the disease process. In this case, our technology is related to a new gene that can revolutionize the early detection of cancer and, consequently, personalized medicine.

Furthermore, the mentioned new gene has shown enormous potential in the field of cancer treatment. As a result, the company is developing a breakthrough in several treatment strategies focused on small molecule, monoclonal antibodies, and existing marketed drugs that could demonstrate efficacy against cancer using this genetic pathway.

We are also developing an " Amara " artificial intelligence system for the diagnosis and application of precision medicine in cancer patients, in addition to diagnosis using liquid biopsy.

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