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Plus Vitech focuses its projects on the development of diagnostic methods for a specific molecular target (biomarker) for cancer and other diseases. It also focuses on therapeutics, based on: i) antagonists of said target, namely, small commercially repositioned molecules; and ii) new patented monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of some diseases. The company is currently developing a clinical Proof of Principle (PoP).


Today, Plus Vitech's business lines focus on:

a) Diagnosis in peripheral blood (liquid biopsy), based on different genes and genetic products. The company is developing diagnostic systems to be potentially useful such as:

  • Support for other diagnostic techniques.

  • A method of monitoring tumor progression and response to treatment.

  • A population screening test for early detection in sick individuals without clinical manifestations.


b) Development of innovative therapies against cancer and cardiovascular and immunological diseases.

  • Commercial compound drug profiles.

  • Identification and validation of a monoclonal antibody (MAb), with antagonistic activity of the target receptor identified for the treatment of cancer.


c) diagnostic kits (complementary diagnosis) for the response of predictive treatment performed on tissue and blood samples.


d) Precision medicine. Amara "Artificial Intelligence", is our machine learning platform where all the data from clinical studies are entered, such as genome sequencing, along with other more liquid biopsies, these analyses vary depending on the characteristics of the tumor and the clinical data of each patient.


e) Business development through collaborations with pharmaceutical companies to carry out:

  • Clinical Trial of Principle (PoP) in collaboration with a public hospital and Roche Diagnostics, to validate the company's goal as a blood biomarker for cancer diagnosis.

  • Preparation of a dossier of scientific information and clinical validation on the profiling of commercial compounds as therapeutic agents against cancer.

  • Preparation of a dossier of scientific information and clinical validation on monoclonal antibodies against the company's objective for the treatment of cancer.

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Plus Vitech is in a strategic position to carry out innovative and advantageous improvements in the liquid biopsy, the accompanying diagnosis and the field of treatment.

Our company specializes in tumor DNA circulation (ctDNA) and biomarker analysis of a blood sample, known as a liquid biopsy. This type of biopsy will provide an easier process for physicians and patients to implement sensitive, personalized and effective treatment solutions.

Furthermore, the target gene will be a promising opportunity to discover and develop treatment agents against different types of cancer. The company is developing entities with small molecules and monoclonal antibodies against this gene, which enables drug discovery and development projects to be carried out in cancer and other human diseases.

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