Founder, CEO and CSO

Dr. M. Vicente Salinas Martín MD - PhD.

Doctor of Medicine and pathologist of the Andalusian Health Service. Master in Molecular Oncology from the National Cancer Research Center and the European School of Oncology. Member of the Spanish Society of Pathological Anatomy, Spanish and European Association of Human Genetics.

He is a specialist in pathology and has spent the last ten years studying the NK1R receptor as a therapeutic target in cancer. His research work has led to the registration of six patents of the Andalusian Health System that protect the use of the NK-1 receptor antagonists in the treatment of cancer, the use of monoclonal antibodies against the NK1 receptor in the treatment of cancer, the proof of complementary diagnosis that predicts the response of tumors to these treatments and an early diagnosis method of cancer, analyzing the presence of variants of this receptor in blood plasma.

Dr. Salinas has done a large number of preclinical studies with neuroreceptors and has extensive experience in the field of neuropharmacology experimentation.

Tel: +34600620284

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