The purpose of Plus Vitech is to propose a clinical trial to test the efficacy of the PVT-COVID product in the prevention of complications caused by COVID-19 in humans and, therefore, in the reduction of morbidity associated with this infection, which will result in lower mortality and the optimization of health resources.

Through this project we will be able to have in three months a pharmacological product capable of avoiding most of the hospital admissions and, eventually, most of the deaths caused by COVID-19 and by the successive versions of COVID.

Plus Vitech, as a continuation of its findings and the "evidence of relevance" obtained, wants to achieve the goal of validating and consolidating the usefulness of its new treatment as an effective option in the reduction of complications related to COVID-19, improving the recovery of patients in a safe, non-toxic, cheap and sustainable way by health systems. The research development object of this project has been supported by the Andalusian Public Health System and is protected by patent.

COVID-19 coronavirus disease (SARS-CoV-2) began on December 1, 2019 in Wuhan City, China. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the pandemic on March 11, 2020, due to the high number of people infected. Since then, that number has been increasing worldwide, endangering the lives of people and the production system around the world. There is still no effective medical treatment for the COVID-19 virus.

Worldwide, 80% of people infected with IDOC-19 have mild symptoms or remain asymptomatic, but up to 20% develop serious complications requiring hospitalization, and up to 8% die from the disease. The main problem faced by health systems is this 20% of patients who require hospitalization and in a large number of these cases, ventilator-assisted ventilation in an intensive care unit due to pulmonary complications of this infection. The COVID-19 virus has a high rate of infectivity and is already present in most countries of the world. In the coming months, it may affect millions of people, up to 20% of whom are known to require hospital care. The large number of patients requiring this type of care threatens health systems that may be overwhelmed. Most of these people may die if they do not receive adequate medical care.

In addition, public fears of disease and the disease itself threaten to block productive capacity in most countries. This, in turn, can aggravate the situation with the lack of supply of basic life products. The situation can be made worse because the virus can mutate (move to a more advanced version) and therefore can affect everyone again at the level of the world's population, even if they have already transmitted the disease, because people build up defences against earlier versions, but not against new ones. A blockade situation, like the one we are experiencing today, repeated many times can lead humanity to a situation of collapse, if it comes to recovery.

Plus Vitech has successfully tested two drugs that have been shown to be effective in preventing severe damage after a lung injury. In addition, the combination of these two drugs has shown a favorable synergistic effect. The product composed of both drugs is called PVT-COVID.


In other words, one of the lines of action being developed is the manufacture of a vaccine against COVID-19, but given that the deadlines for the development of this vaccine will come when most of the world's population is already infected, it will be of little use at this time. Furthermore, these vaccines will not be effective against future new versions of IDOC, while PVT-IDOC will be effective and useful with this and later versions of IDOC.

An additional advantage of PVT-COVID is that the two drugs that comprise it are drugs that already exist, which saves time in their development, are easy and cheap to produce, are safe since they are known and used in clinical practice for years. All this will allow us to have the amount of drug needed to treat potentially millions of people around the world and eventually save thousands of lives and millions of productive hours in a short time and at a sustainable cost to health systems.

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