Precision Medicine

Amara - Artificial Inteligence

Amara is the core of our PVT-Teranos business line, it is a machine learning system where all the data from clinical studies are entered, such as genome sequencing, liquid biopsies, these analyzes vary depending on the characteristics of the tumor and clinical data of each patient.

This predictive method makes it possible to optimize treatment in terms of drug use dose and its association with other antitumor agents to guarantee better results with personalized treatments.

Amara is part of an individualized theran diagnostic method for each patient in order to diagnose and design treatments that act at the level of the genetic and molecular alterations of the patients to achieve a better response. In this way, we can prescribe a cocktail of drugs adapted to the genetic characteristics, and obviously to those of the tumour.

This idea is centred on Oncological Precision Medicine, which is an essential tool for the application of diagnoses and the adaptation of treatments to the individual characteristics of each patient, all based on the integration of the genomic and molecular characteristics of both tumours and patients. In other words, the aim is to give a specific patient a combination of drugs that are suitable for his or her biological profile. This is therefore a powerful tool that improves effectiveness, avoids unnecessary side effects and rationalises healthcare spending.

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