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From a long time, doctors, scientists and patients require identify non-invasive genetic cancer biomarkers indicating the presence of disease and innovative therapies which can achieve real clinical results.
Our first objective is to discover a more effective method for the detection, monitoring and treatment of cancer in comparison with the current methods of tissue biopsies, which are painful, time consuming, expensive, and sometimes, inaccurate. Moreover, the use of these methods of diagnosis are required too late in the disease process. In this case, our technology is related to a new gene which can revolutionize the early cancer detection and, consequently, the personalized medicine.
On the other hand, the new gene mentioned before has demonstrated a huge potential in the cancer treatment field. Accordingly, the company is developing a breakthrough in several treatment strategies focused on small molecule, monoclonal antibodies and existing marketed drugs which could demonstrate efficacy against cancer using this genetic pathway


Founders: The founders of Plus Vitech, S.L. are Vicente Salinas, MD, PhD and Carmen Lara, MBA.
Advisors: Our advisors have a huge experience in business development, R&D in biotechnology and cancer, venture capital, drug and biomarker discovery and public financing.
Investors: Plus Vitech’s investors and shareholders include 3Fs and Business Angels.


The company has a collaboration framework with the Servicio Andaluz de Salud (SAS), through the Fundación Pública Andaluza Progreso y Salud (FPS), and with the Universidad de Salamanca in order to carry out the Plus Vitech’s projects.
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